Wednesday is Friendsday!

Dancing is so much better with friends. The first Wednesday of every month, we invite you to bring a friend to class for FREE! Your friend can attend one, two, or all of our Wednesday classes with you. Sign yourself up in advance, then have your lucky friend check in with us when you get […]

What’s Your Limit?

What is a limit, anyway? It’s easy to look at limits when we dance or exercise as purely physical–how long we can dance before we stop from exhaustion, how many releves or sit ups before our muscles give up. But science shows us that the point when our muscles throw in the towel has a […]


Recently, I stepped onto the dance floor to try a new dance style I’d never tried before: GROOVE. I have some dance experience, but not much, and I had no idea what to expect. This class would be technique and choreography free and without those two main parts of a traditional dance class, I really […]

It’s Our First Open House!

Join us for Cabaret & Cocktails: our first Open House & Silent Auction at Shine Dance Center! Be transported to the Moulin Rouge on Saturday, October 27th from 1:30 to 5:00 PM, where you can tour our studio, treat yourself to yummy drinks, snag a gift for someone special at the silent auction, and join […]

Learn to Shine with Burlesque

How do you shine? It’s all about confidence! In our Burlesque Jazz class, we’re all about helping you feel comfortable, sexy, and confident! If you have no idea what burlesque is other than what was portrayed in the fabulous Cher and Christina Aguilera movie Burlesque, we’ve got you! Our burlesque class taught by the fun […]

All the Deals

We have a lot of great specials and freebies to keep you dancing all summer long! Our new client special is still going strong! If you have a friend that has been thinking of trying a class with us, or if you’ve never made it in, check out our new client special – one week […]

What is Floor Barre and Why We Love It

We love our Floor Barre class at Shine! Even though floor barre, sometimes simply called “barre,” is growing in popularity, many people have no idea what it is. The name is confusing—does it involve a barre? Is the barre on the floor? Is it ballet? We’re here to answer your questions, with pictures! The name […]

Stretch and Strengthen the Dancer Way

Stretching and Conditioning is a common addition to a dance studio schedule, but you don’t have to be a dancer to appreciate its benefits. At Shine Dance Center, our Stretching and Conditioning class is taught by healer, instructor, and dancer Andrea. Her class is broken into three sections: cardio, strength training, and stretching. The first […]

All Things New

In case you haven’t heard, we moved into our very own studio this month! You can now find us at 600 S Center Street, on the corner of Center and Moran. Although we loved our time at Soul Space, we are excited to have a dance floor of our own that we can fill with […]

Warming Up the Right Way

Warming up works! One study showed that a warm up at 70% intensity helped cyclists consume oxygen more efficiently and therefore complete their cycling segments quicker than the control group of cyclists who didn’t warm up (source). Here are some tips for getting your best warm up so that you’re ready to hit the dance […]