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Learn to Shine with Burlesque

Dita Von Teese, courtesy of Instagram

How do you shine? It’s all about confidence! In our Burlesque Jazz class, we’re all about helping you feel comfortable, sexy, and confident!

If you have no idea what burlesque is other than what was portrayed in the fabulous Cher and Christina Aguilera movie Burlesque, we’ve got you! Our burlesque class taught by the fun and knowledgeable Andrea is a lot of jazz and a little bit hip hop, but with a lot more sass. We start the class with a warmup where all you have to do is follow along. Dynamic stretches, simple steps, and isolations get your mind and body ready to dance. Next, we work on short combinations of moves—think two or three dance steps in a row—to start building memory, dexterity, and confidence. Finally, we bring out your inner diva as we work on an easy, fun choreography set to music.


Santoz Academia burlesque dancers, courtesy of Instagram

Our lovely instructor Andrea makes the class fun and welcoming with her focus on injury prevention and confidence building at all levels, and her passion for dance is contagious. Here’s more on the class in her own words.

Stephanie: What do you love about burlesque?

Andrea: I love Burlesque because I leave class feeling empowered, sexy and comfortable in my body! It means the world to me to enable others to feel this way, too.

Stephanie: Who would benefit from taking your burlesque class?

Ginger Lee Valentine, courtesy of Instagram

Andrea: Anyone who wants to feel confident and comfortable moving in her/his body whether in class or out. This class is appropriate for the young adult through mature adult and is FUN for all!! This a tasteful and sexy burlesque class with a jazz flare.

Other styles of dance pop up in Andrea’s choreography as well. Join us on Mondays at 6:30 to flirt with your seductive self! 😉

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