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Stretch and Strengthen the Dancer Way

Stretching and Conditioning is a common addition to a dance studio schedule, but you don’t have to be a dancer to appreciate its benefits. At Shine Dance Center, our Stretching and Conditioning class is taught by healer, instructor, and dancer Andrea. Her class is broken into three sections: cardio, strength training, and stretching.

The first portion of the class will get your heart pumping with low impact and medium intensity exercises, like kicks and lunges to get you moving around the room. Our awesome instructor, Andrea, is a pro at injury prevention and will tailor each movement to give you the challenge you need at your own level.

The second portion incorporates elements from floor barre, a strength training workout invented by dancers that targets muscles necessary for a dancer-strong body, with lots of core and glute exercises. Moves like planks, hip bridges, and bicycles help build strength and stability.

Once your muscles are warmed up, we end the class with some dynamic and static stretches to lengthen muscles, increase mobility, and prevent injuries. Andrea guides the class through the use of resistance bands, which help you get the best stretch no matter your level. Resistance bands help you adjust the level of stretch, without ever straining your muscles to the point of pain or injury.

Check out our fun and energizing Stretching and Conditioning class on Mondays at 5:30 inside Shine Dance Center, and learn the dancer’s way to build strength, control, balance, and flexibility! Keep an eye on our schedule to stay up-to-date on classes.

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