Stephanie Hinen

Without Stephanie’s brilliant business brainpower, Shine Dance Center would just be part of her and Rachel’s imaginations. All this brainpower came from her business degree, many years of project and program management, and a couple years of working with a startup dance production company in Shanghai. That’s right, not only does Stephanie have business experience, she’s got moves too. Stephanie’s dancing skills come from many years of gymnastics training, cheerleading, salsa dancing in a college club, and her fearless motivation to join hip hop classes, social dancing classes, and her most recent favorite, silks classes.

Stephanie runs the business of Shine Dance Center so it runs like a well-oiled machine. That way, you can come dance without worrying about anything—and that’s the best way to shine!

Fun fact: Stephanie is really good at eating spicy food. She’s been building up her tolerance for over 20 years.

Rachel Sanders

Not many people can say they knew exactly what they wanted to do when they grew up when they were just four years old. Yep, Rachel knew from the first moment she saw the dancers on stage at her first ballet that she wanted to dance. Her mom took her to see a production of The Nutcracker ballet when she was four, and ever since, she’s wanted to dance. So she has.

Although she has tried to branch out and try other dance styles, Rachel is a bunhead at heart. Ballet is her first love and favorite form of dance. She attributes her technique, artistry and love for ballet to her instructors, Cheryl Bruce, Anett Eichler, Ramona Cachinero, Barbara Land and Lesa Dusich. She has performed in productions of Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Coppelia, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and her favorites, The Wizard of Oz and Frozen.

Fun fact: Rachel is a crazy dog-mom of 3 fur babies, Oliver, Lucy and Hank, all German wirehaired pointers.

Lily Baran

Triple Threat Lily teaches not only dance but music as well. She keeps all her classes laughing and moving with her fun style. Lily comes from 3 generations of dancers, used to own her own dance studio, and was mentored in New York by the one and only Luigi, “Father Jazz” himself!

Codi Yoakum

What do showgirls and hunters have in common? Well, her name is Codi. In the evenings you can find Codi shining on stage in glitter and feathers galore, and on the weekends you can try to spot her as she blends in with the Nevada landscape with her camo and hunting gear. Codi is a Nevada native, a military wife and mama to their baby girl, an expert in sports medicine, and a passionate ballet dancer. Her years of attending many accredited ballet intensives and her education in anatomy and sports medicine make her an excellent, knowledgeable teacher. Codi is ready to give her students a challenge to try new things and discover those little-used muscles that can only be found when dancing ballet.

Fun fact: As if being a ballerina, showgirl, mom, and hunter aren’t enough, Codi is also skilled at making custom handmade leatherwork—belts, bracelets, coasters, you name it!


Sabrina Moberly

Sabrina is a dancer, performer and lover of world music. The force behind the Reno World Dance Collective, Sabrina leads our GROOVE classes where she shares her passion of facilitating a class that is accessible to everyBODY.

Catharine Lazatin

How could you not love someone who loves making people happy? Catherine works in mental health and loves to help people improve and find success in whatever it is that makes them happy. But the happiness-spreading doesn’t stop at her day job.  With years of experience as a professional dancer and instructor, Catherine has found joy in all forms of dance and can’t help but spread joy when she teaches. She likes to be challenged and take risks, and she will encourage you to do the same. Not only will your muscles be sore after her class, but your smiling cheeks will be too.

Fun fact: Of all the instruments to play, what says “happy” more than the ukulele? Yep, Cathy plays the ukulele. How fun is that?

Michelle Michelsen

Michelle has been an educator and choreographer for 14 years, training, teaching, and working in many different styles from the classics like Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern to Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Irish, and more. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, in Theatre and Dance, Michelle started dancing at 5 in Northern Nevada, and was later introduced to partnership dancing. She began training, competing, and teaching in American and International Standard Ballroom, Rhythm, Swing, and many more social dances and hasn’t stopped since, creating and working with all ages, levels, and styles. She choreographs and offers prep for weddings, studio recitals, musicals, competition, special events, production companies, performing arts companies, conventions, and many more. She has trained and continues to regularly in New York, Denver, and San Francisco, to Europe, bringing everything she learns back to her students, where she loves to share, learn, and create.

Andrea Sullivan

With over 15 years of dance and fitness instruction under her belt, 10 years of professional dance experience from across the country, several businesses under her name, and three kids and a husband in her happy home, Andrea is pretty much Superwoman. Every aspect of Andrea’s experience points to the fact that she cares for the wellbeing of the people she cares for. She has a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, she owns Midtown Farm and founded Evoke Modern Dance Company, she is a kindergarten teacher and loves spending time hiking and having fun with her family. We think it’s safe to say Andrea is passionate about people. And that passion spills right into her dance classes where she loves inspiring people to gain confidence in their abilities as movers in the studio, on the stage and in life!

Fun fact: As if everything in her bio doesn’t say enough about her passion for people, Andrea is also a Reiki healer and loves to help people find physical and emotional balance in their lives. Talk about super powers!

Karen Isbister

Karen is our fitness Guru, with certifications as a personal trainer, group fitness trainer, nutrition coach, and all sorts of fun workouts from PiYo and CIZE to spinning and SURFSET. She once opened a fitness studio with her sister and currently inspires women through her online presence as a blogger and as founder of No Filter Fitness. She understands that fitness is a journey and will encourage and motivate you wherever you’re at in your own journey.

Mitch Harper

If you’ve ever thought it’s too late to learn to dance, think again! Just take it from Mitch, who didn’t start dancing until recently in his adult years. Mitch discovered dance through his lifelong love of music, which led him to a new love of West Coast Swing dance. His go-getter attitude took him across the US to study from the top champions and greatest minds of swing dance, and he has now expanded his studies to solo styles of dance such as jazz and ballet in order to incorporate new principles of movement into his repertoire. Not having learned to dance until later in life, Mitch has a strong belief that it’s never too late to discover new lifelong passions and nurture new skills, which fits in perfectly with the philosophy at Shine. He’ll be the first to encourage you that’s it’s not too late to try something new, and he’ll nurture a safe and encouraging space for you to discover that you may love dancing too!   Fun fact: When he’s not dancing or driving home from a concert at 3 am, or exploring the latest microbrews from any one of Reno’s amazing craft breweries, Mitch works in healthcare administration to help champion the causes of health equity and social justice for under served communities in Northern Nevada.