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Warming Up the Right Way

Warming up works! One study showed that a warm up at 70% intensity helped cyclists consume oxygen more efficiently and therefore complete their cycling segments quicker than the control group of cyclists who didn’t warm up (source). Here are some tips for getting your best warm up so that you’re ready to hit the dance floor:

  • Focus on movements that correlate with the activity. If you are going for a run, warm up by walking briskly. In our dance classes, the order of movements is designed to gradually increase mobility and heart rate. For example, ballet always starts with plies which are used in most movements throughout the rest of class.
  • Warm up both body and mind. Breathe deeply and use your warm up to set aside the distractions of the day and visualize the beautiful dance moves you’re about to perfect.
  • Wear a sweater, sweatpants, leg warmers, etc. as needed. They’ll help keep your muscles warm until you get your heart pumping.
  • Choose dynamic warm ups. Traditional static stretching will lengthen your muscles momentarily but won’t help warm up muscles or increase your heart rate. Dynamic stretching, on the other hand, focuses on movements that get your blood pumping which prepares your muscles to move and stretch while also preventing injury.

Learn more dancer techniques for warming up and increasing mobility by joining us in class!

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